27/11/2021 - 27/02/2022

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Dear colleagues,

We bring to your attention this years’ program of our School for Child Psychopathology. The classes are hosted by Bulgarian Psychoanalytical Space. The program consists of four seminars. Every seminar will be two-days long (15 hours). The total duration of the School’s classes is 60 academic hours distributed along a period of one calendar year.

The program is designed to provide us with a theoretical frame of approaching the following: psychoses in childhood, neurotic types of mental organizations and disorders, borderline forms, depressions (perceived as terminating stages of organization of the psyche) in childhood and adolescence. We will be working with a relevant selection of translated texts on the topics. Clinical cases from the practice of our instructors – Dr. Desislava Gadeva, Diana Tsirkova, Dr. Didier Lauru – will also be presented and discussed.

The classes are divided into four modules as follows:

Module 1: Child Psychoses (10/30/21— 10/31/21)
Module 2: Neurotic Types of Mental Organizations and Disorders (11/27/21— 11/28/21)
Module 3: Borderline Forms an Childhood Depressions (01/29/22 — 01/30/22)
Module 4: Adolescent Psychoses (02/26/22 — 02/27/22)

*This year, you are given the choice to subscribe to either the four modules, or to any one of these.

Module 1, 2, and 3 will be hosted online via ZOOM. Module 4 might be attended in person, based on the availability of our instructor from France. Further information will be provided.

The registration deadline for the first day of the School is 15/10/2021.

Please be advised, that a minimum of 15 participants (in every module) is required in order for the School’s classes to take place.

We will be pleased to be exchanging experience with you at our School for Child Psychopathology.